My Cigar Box, a Global Handpicked Cigar Subscription Box, Launches Today

My Cigar Box, a Global Handpicked Cigar Subscription Box, Launches Today

Unique Features Include Premium Handmade Cigars and A Community of Cigar Aficionados Helping to Educate and Lead Cigar Lovers to The Perfect Cigar

BINGHAM FARMS, Mich., May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- My Cigar Box, a handpicked cigar subscription box, launches today, offering premium handmade cigars from across the world. The company prides itself on matching cigar tastes and introducing new cigars allowing subscribers to be adventurous and try cigars they otherwise wouldn't have the chance to.

My Cigar Box, a Global Handpicked Cigar Subscription Box, Launches Today

Once subscribers find their perfect plan, they choose their ideal cigar strength and the number of monthly cigars they'd like to receive, and then it is all in the expert's hands. Working with the best cigar manufacturers and expert staff; each month My Cigar Box creates a menu of cigars from a huge collection across the world and packs them ready for shipment straight to subscribers' doors.

Founder and CEO shared what inspired him to launch My Cigar Box, "Whether a new or experienced cigar lover, most people have found themselves at one time or another pacing back and forth in front of a cigar display at the local cigar shop not sure where to begin. We wanted to create a system making it easy and fun to try cigars from all over the world, learn your tastes, and become your own cigar aficionado, all without breaking the bank. Our company has a long history with the best cigar brands in the world. From (A) Ashton to (Z) Zino you can expect a variety of the best handmade premium cigars every month."

A few pilot customers shared their experiences with My Cigar Box. "This is fun! Getting a cigar each month is a surprise and a delight. The extra cutter, matches, and boveda are a nice touch..."

"Prices are very affordable for premium, well-known cigars. Just choose your quantity and preference and boom at your door every month with no shipping costs and freebies! Glad I found you guys."

With My Cigar Box, each cigar box will come with the following:

  • Cigars (3, 6, or 10)
  • Reclosable Pouch
  • Big Gauge Cigar Cutter
  • Matches
  • 69% Boveda Pack
  • Cigar Menu

About My Cigar Box

My Cigar Box is a monthly subscription box delivering quality handpicked cigars according to the tastes customers love. The company provides 100% guaranteed fresh cigars with free shipping. To learn more, visit

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