My Cigar Box is Your Cigar Box: Handpicked Cigars from Across the World

My Cigar Box is Your Cigar Box: Handpicked Cigars from Across the World

One thing that many online and brick and mortar stores have mastered is the art of the sample. Everyone wants the chance to try before they buy. Couple that with the convenience of regular delivery of these, and you’ve just received the gift that keeps on giving – also known as the subscription box. If you want to cook a delicious meal, but don’t know where to start, what to buy at the grocery store, and, oh yeah, how to actually cook, you order a meal subscription box; for the ladies who want to try fancy makeup without having to pay the price of fancy makeup before they know if it is what they like, they order a makeup subscription box; for your dog, who deserves the absolute world and should be surprised regularly with new toys, treats and food, you order a bark subscription box; but what about for the new, moderate or seasoned cigar lover? You guessed it, there’s now My Cigar Box subscription for that.

My Cigar Box is the simplest way to try cigars matched to your tastes monthly. The subscription box offers premium handmade cigars from across the world. The company prides itself on matching cigar tastes and introducing new cigars allowing subscribers to be adventurous and try cigars they may not normally have the chance to.

So, whether you are a cigar aficionado yourself, or just came on the scene, you have probably all found yourself at one time or another pacing back and forth in front of a cigar display at the local cigar shop not sure where to begin. My Cigar Box will have something for everyone, as our company has a long history with the best cigar brands in the world. From (A) Ashton to (Z) Zino, you can expect a variety of the best handmade premium cigars each and every month, providing all levels of experienced cigar lovers the chance to learn their tastes, refine them, or expand them with the cigars that our experts send.

It is easy to get started!

Step 1: Choose your plan, quantity and cigar strength

Monthly Subscription: The monthly subscription is our more preferred option, allowing you to have the freedom to pay month to month and cancel or freeze your subscription whenever you’d like – no hassle. Our monthly subscription is perfect for any cigar beginner or experienced connoisseur.

Gift Subscription: The gift subscription box is a prepaid only option for three or six months and is great for gifting as there are no reoccurring payments. You have the option to choose from a monthly subscription or save with a prepaid plan.

Step 2: Sit back and let the experts craft a menu of the perfect cigars based on your tastes.

Once subscribers find their perfect plan, then they choose their ideal cigar strength and the number of monthly cigars they’d like to receive, and then it is all in the expert’s hands. Working with the best cigar manufacturers and expert staff; each month My Cigar Box creates a menu of cigars from a huge collection across the world and packs them, ready for shipment straight to subscribers’ doors.

Step 3: Enjoy!

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